Gorin Ramen


Gorin Ramen serves authentic Japanese ramen noodles, including Kitakata ramen—a popular style of ramen in Japan that originated in Kitakata, a city in the Fukushima Province. This style has a thicker flat noodle and a Dashi-chicken Shoyu broth base, home made every day with fresh vegetables and meat. Gorin is the only restaurant to serve Kitakata ramen in New York. Mixing the traditional taste of Japanese ramen with a modern flare gives customers the ultimate experience.

“Gorin” means five rings in Japanese representing the rich nature of the Fukushima region and the elemental rings which are mirrored into each bowl of ramen. Gorin also serves delicious Japanese appetizers including Chicken Karaage, Home-made Aburi Chashu Buns, and Fried Gyoza. They pride themselves on sourcing the best ingredients to elevate the experience and showcase Japanese culture.